Assistant Acting Teacher

Aiden has been apart of The Joondalup Entertainers Theatre School for over 7 years now, starting out as a student and he is now an assistant acting teacher! Performing in many plays via LJBC, and JETS, Aiden has branched into the Film industry with JETS’ very own Shaun Gonzalvo in his recent feature film, Ten: The Sacrifice.


Recently Aiden created and performed his very first one-man show at the 2019 FRINGE WORLD Festival, titled "Tears". A great first season, Aiden enjoyed the experience and is looking at what's next!

Aiden has a creative outlook and would like to help students reach their full potential and gain confidence within themselves to believe they can accomplish anything if they set their minds to it.


In the future, Aiden plans to work within the Arts industry and create a sound platform upon which he can develop his creative mindset to use in future endeavors.