Quotes from any and all classes 2021!

"officer! I drop-kicked that child in self defense!" - Senior JETS Acting

*scene in emergency room* "I broke my leg, I got hit by an ambulance!" - Junior JETS Acting


"I thought it was so funny, I didn't even laugh!" - Junior JETS Acting (in regards to ros's jokes)

"Wow! You're as sharp as a brick!" - Senior JETS Acting

"I live in a household full of white people, EVERYTHING I eat is plain" - JETS Work Experience

"I feel like roadkill on the highway of life" - Junior JETS Acting

"You, sir, are a wet-wipe" - Senior JETS Acting

"Wait I just realized, Wonderwall fits over this" - Jetsingerz (while singing 'i want it that way')

"The more I sleep, the more I sleep" - ros's dad (during work experience)

"Is it minecraft Ryan or chess Ryan?" "Who's chess Ryan?" "Ryan who plays chess" - Senior JETS Acting

"Getting new jeans won't save the world" "It might save sams social life"    - Senior JETS Acting

"If I could be a superhero, i'd be the queen cuz she's immortal" - Senior JETS Acting

"What's something exciting you did at school this week?" "We visited a cemetery, and then had fish and chips" - Juniors JETS Acting

*Playing a game where we list superheros a student didnt realise we had switched topics* "superman!" "batman!" "tuna pasta bake!"- Senior JETS Acting

"Whats your favorite maths equation?" "trigonometry" - Senior JETS Acting  

"One Direction more like no direction!" "actually they broke up and now go in 5 directions" -Senior JETS Acting

"I'm scared of water" "how did you get on this island?" "I shut my eyes" -Senior JETS Acting

"i wish i could give the snake a fist bump but it doesn't have any arms" Senior JETS Acting

"when you don't have makeup on your face looks bald" - JETSABILITY HipHop