Breaking Teacher

In July 2015 I traveled to Sydney to compete with my crew mate in a 3v3 bboy battle at Destructive Steps 7, one of the biggest competitions in Australia. Then in March 2017, I traveled to Singapore to compete in a 3v3 all styles event at Radikal Forze Jam, another huge event that features dancers from all over the world including USA and Japan.


More locally, in June 2017, I made it to the Top 4 in a 1v1 all styles battle called Hood Affair. Out of six of my crew mates and I, that entered, we all made it to the Top 16 or further, with one of our members also taking out first place. I will also be traveling to Singapore in July 2017 to compete in a 1v1 Locking competition, representing Perth, my crew and all of Australia with another crew mate.