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Logan Ringshaw

Hip Hop Teacher

Logan has been dancing for almost all his life across a wide variety of dance styles and communities. He loves to give back to those around him and aims to make those around him feel welcome.


Having achieved a lot in his career so far, including a bachelor of Arts in Dance from WAAPA, Logan never forgets that at the start of it all was just a kid that loved to dance. Logan has been dancing since the age of four and has invested himself across the styles of jazz, tap, contemporary, classical, urban, hip hop and acrobatics. He has a passion for performing, creating, teaching and sharing his love for dance and has been an active member in local, national and international communities and competitions since 2008. His credits include performing and choreographing for Australian artists Lilt, Bluntfield and Guy Sebastian.

He sees that love and energy in the students at JETS and can't wait to see where it takes them.

Logan Ringshaw: TeamMember
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