Michelle Varley

Coloured Spaghetti Founder

The aim of this project is to present a children’s TV show, where children with special needs and disabilities are represented as a ‘normal’ part of our society, alongside their neurotypical / able bodied peers. A TV show that is age appropriate, entertaining, engaging, informational, educational and fun; with music, singing, storytelling, art, craft, dancing, physio and sensory but with the involvement and support of children with a range of needs, abilities and ages. 


I want children to grow up knowing about Autism, Cerebral Palsy, intellectual disability, and all the other incredible individual characteristics that make our children who they are. I want more than, for them to be tolerant of others with special needs – I want them to learn how to engage, interact and communicate with them – and to be patient, unafraid and kind with their differences. 


I am a special needs school teacher (B.Ed Hons and Graduate Certificate of Special Education) with over 20 years’ experience teaching in both Primary and High School in England and Australia. I continue to want to expand my experience in the incredible, exciting and rewarding world of Special Needs Education.