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Alice Potter

Singing Teacher

JetsAbility Assistant

As a dedicated nurse at Perth Children's Hospital, Alice brings a unique blend of compassion and creativity to our team of talented educators. Beyond her medical profession, she possesses a deep passion for the performing arts, which has led her to a fulfilling role as a singing teacher.

Alice developed her love for singing and performance from an early age. During her high school years at Churchlands, she was awarded a prestigious singing scholarship, which allowed her to hone her vocal talents and deepen her understanding of music. Her experience in theater and singing scholarships have instilled in her a profound appreciation for the power of expression through song and dance.

What truly sets Alice apart is her enthusiasm for working with children. She believes that the stage is not just a platform for artistic expression but also a place for personal growth, fun, and making new friends. Her nurturing and supportive approach to teaching empowers her students to use the stage as a means of self-expression and self-discovery.

Outside the classroom, Alice continues to pursue her passion for singing and dance, and she can often be found participating in local community performances. Her dedication to both her medical profession and her love for the arts is a testament to her diverse skill set and unwavering commitment to enriching the lives of others.

Alice is excited to share her expertise, creativity, and love for singing with our students, inspiring them to discover their own voices, express themselves, have fun, and build meaningful connections with their fellow performers.

Alyssia Boyer: TeamMember
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