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(Disability Inclusion)

Thursday 5pm - 6pm: Acting & Singing
Friday 5pm - 6pm: Hip Hop

Young people living with a disability are given a platform to express themselves through acting, singing and dancing. Our all inclusive and supportive environment welcomes students of all abilities.


NDIS Funding Options

For Abilities Hip Hop or Singing & Acting.

Self-Managed Families & Plan-Managed Families

NDIS funding may be used if the family are self-managed or plan-managed.

Please note that for participants with plan-managed NDIS there may be an out of pocket expense for the family for people on some types of plans.

As with any support, the NDIS will fund lessons if they can be considered reasonable and necessary and linked back to the goals in your NDIS plan.

Which Funding Categories?

Chat with your plan manager for what is relevant to your situation. It is helpful to know that other families have told us they use these categories:

A. Assistance with Social and Community Participation.

This category is meant to make it easier for you to access lessons. Generally, it's used to fund a support worker to help you get to and from classes. As this is a Core Support, you can draw budgets from category 1 and 3.

B. Increased Social and Community Participation’ in your NDIS plan. This is a capacity-building support and is designed to help you build the skills to participate more in your community.

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