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JETS terms 1 to 3 run in conjunction with the dates of WA school terms listed here

Term 4 2023 will conclude Friday 15 December.

Our classes are split into the following groups:
Mini Jets (6-8 years)
Junior Jets (9-12 years)
Senior Jets (13-17 years)
Jetsetters (18+ years)
Open Age (13+)
Jetsability (All Ages Disability Inclusion)


4pm - 5pm: Junior Jets Singing

5pm - 6pm: Junior Jets Acting 

5pm - 6pm: JetSingerz (invite only specialist singing)

6pm - 7pm: Jetsetters Singing

7pm - 8pm: Jetsetters Acting


4pm - 5pm: Senior Jets Singing

5pm - 6pm: Senior Jets Acting


4pm - 5:30pm: Mini Jets Acting & Singing (Musical Theatre)

5pm - 6pm: Jetsability Acting & Singing

5:30pm - 6:30pm: JetStarz (invite only specialist singing)

6:30pm - 8pm: Musical Theatre


4pm - 5pm: Mini Jets Hip Hop

4pm - 5pm: Freestyle & Basic Breaking

5pm - 6pm: Junior Jets Hip Hop


5pm - 6pm: Jetsability Hip Hop

6pm - 7pm: Junior Crew (invite only specialist Hip Hop)

6pm - 7pm: Open Age Hip Hop

7pm - 8pm: Varsity Crew (invite only specialist Hip Hop)

Timetable: Schedule
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