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Will Tauran

Hip Hop Teacher

Will has been a senior choreographer and hip-hop dancer/teacher for over 20 years. He started his crew in Bali back in 2000, since then he has performed, competed in dance battles and judged dance competitions all over south-east Asia and now Australia. Will had the passion to dance from a very young age of 10 years, his family from Indonesia encouraged him to follow in the art footsteps of his family, including dance, singing and playing musical instruments. Will has performed in Battlegrounds Australia, solo showcase and won numerous times in the 1v1 and 2v2 hip-hop dance battles. Will won the 2v2 hip-hop battle in Perth qualifier for the Hip-Hop International Dance Competition and represented Perth in Brisbane earlier this year in the Australian final. Will has a great passion for freestyle battling and likes to encourage his students to join local and national battles to gain exposure and experience in this area of the hip-hop dance scene. Will loves to teach students of all ages and capabilities and enjoys to watch his students grow and achieve their goals in the dance scene all over the world.

Will Tauran: Dance Company
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